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"Billie Eilish” is the first art piece from an art album “Inception”, painted by Avasarte. He sees it to be an art single of his very first art album.

The concept behind “Billie Eilish” is inspired by the artist's own life story. 


Having gone through a crisis of a crumbled self-image, resulting in depression and self-torturing anxiety, the artist later found piece with showing himself through his art. The artist reached this peaceful state with the help of such disciplines as Astrology and  Numerology, as well as via spiritual experiences. This is where all the dots connected and he landed at a realization that his life is a continuation of his art as well as his art is a continuation of himself.

Finding Meaning

“There was a point in my life, when I found myself in a very unhappy place. Trying to show a deeper meaning through my art while also balancing between inner personal chaos and gushing spills of creativity - it was not easy. I now realize that I was incredibly self-critical and judgemental towards my work and my style. I had very little belief in my own talent and the probability of being successful in the art world” - the artist confesses.

I am Art / The Authentic Connection

In this video,artist highlights the synergy between him and his artwork. The art piece is a reflection of the artist himself. As you follow the video, the artwork’s eyes are changing color and the artist's eyes are reflecting that change. He sees this as a synergy, as an exchange of energy between the art piece and himself. At the end of the video the artist spills yellow paint on his t-shirt - the same exact color as the artwork’s dominant color. Here the artist is communicating to us the story of a genuine, authentic connection between him and his art.